What Does Your Flat Stomach Look Like?

Are you working towards getting a flat stomach? Awesome – but how will you know when you get there? What does your ideal flat stomach look like?

If you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there? This doesn’t just apply to driving in a car or exploring a new destination – this also includes your workouts and your fitness goals. If you don’t know what your ideal flat stomach looks like, then you’ll never know if you have reached your goal!

So, I’ve included some pictures to help you figure out what you are working towards and to help figure out what type of flat stomach workout you’ll need to get there.

Flat Stomach #1 – The Six Pack

Getting this type of flat stomach (true defined six pack abs) is a dedicated process. You must make sure that you follow your flat stomach workout meticulously.  Not skipping a workout or cardio session and making sure that you are eating clean with every meal.  A woman with six pack abs like this is not something I see at the beach every weekend. It requires extreme dedication to your flat stomach workout and diet. Is this the flat stomach for you? If not, take a look at Flat Stomach #2.

Flat Stomach #2

Were six pack abs a little too much for you? How about this option – some definition of abs, but not too much.  You will still have to work hard and make the commitment in the gym to get a flat stomach like this.  Making sure that your diet is consistent with a flat stomach diet.

Flat Stomach #3

Don’t want any definition – just want a flat tummy – well then flat stomach #3 is for you.  As in the first two options you still need to be dedicated to your workout and eating habits, but you might not have to do AS many crunches. A flat stomach workout video, to follow along too, is a great place to start to get you closer to your fitness and flat stomach goals.

Which flat stomach are you working towards?

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  1. Jackie Woessner
    6 years ago

    I so want a six pack and to be standing on stage ready to compete in a Figure Show. Still waiting on a trainer but doing the best I can with Nutrition and other things…thank you Melissa!


  2. Sue
    6 years ago

    I want stomach #2! I love the definition – not many people have that – better get working! Thanks for the great article!

  3. Erica
    6 years ago

    I want Flat Stomach #1 – The Six Pack! No questions asked! And need this stomach for my 2nd competition which will be Oct 10, 2009! Guess I better getting working! My diet is clean (well not this week but I am getting back on track) just competed in my first competition June 6th – but need to refocus for the next one – do you have any particular workouts in mind that would create this ideal stomach? I would say my stomach is currently in between a 2 and 3. thanks again for the great articles!

  4. shawn
    6 years ago

    i have have flat stomach #2

  5. shawn
    6 years ago

    i have flat stomach #2

  6. Farrah
    6 years ago

    #2! Flat stomach with some definition! Is it even possible after have kids and currently sporting a “baby pouch” without surgery?!

    Working on body improvement for sure now.

  7. Nancy
    6 years ago

    I’m working towards #3, but have my sights set on #2.

    I hope that after having 4 kids and looking somewhat like my mother does, that my skin will snap back! LOL!

  8. Louise Cowburn
    6 years ago

    Flat stomach #2 is easily the most attractive. I really want to work towards this as my ultimate goal. Thankyou for such an inspiring website. Only came across it a week ago and am living it!

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