For Tight And Toned Arms

So everyone wants tight and toned arms right? Especially for the summer time, it’s tank top weather!

Well listen, I have some really cool and unique arm training tricks and secrets that I’m going to share with you but I need to hear from you first.

So please do me a favor, post a comment below and let me know your biggest fears and frustrations about arm training or nutrition. Have you tried to get tight and toned arms before but failed? Tell me your story below.

If we get at least 5 comments then I’ll be back on Wednesday with a tip that changed how I drastically trained my arms.

Until then, check out this new picture of me that I just got back from my first photo shoot. I worked soooo hard and I’m so proud.

Don’t forget to leave your comment below!!!!

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  1. suyen
    5 years ago

    I am not fustrated, I am lazy. Now I want to have my arms tihgt and toned

  2. Erica
    5 years ago

    not sure what I do ‘wrong’ besides eating but I really want defined biceps and triceps – no matter how hard I try – I don’t see any change – no lines, no size nothing :-( any help would be greatly apprecaited – thanks!

  3. barb
    5 years ago

    no story to tell never tried it before,
    i am strength training about 10 -20 min a day plus cardio.

  4. Sue
    5 years ago

    Nice pic of you! Nice abs and abs u got there! Well, I was and still am on a weight loss, health and now toning my body – since I lost weight, there is a lot of either loose skin or flab – the abs and arms are my problem areas. I like when girls have some definition on their arms like u can see their biceps and triceps and I want that too – but I don’t want to bulk up type look – I am working on that – so need some exercises to do – been doing dips, tricep extension, bicep curls and pushups. I like to be able to go sleeveless and wave and when my hand stop – the arm don’t keep going if you know what I mean!

  5. Sallie
    5 years ago

    Hi, I eat a fairly healthy diet and work out on a consistent basis, I have some tone and definition but not enough. A little background, I had been really overweight a majority of my life and I have that disgusting extra skin that I just cannot seem to get rid of.

  6. tina
    5 years ago

    dear mel,to say the truth,all my life i am fighting with my weight, but now that i gave a birth to 3 children, one after another, i become really a big mass. but my arms are a real problem, now i began to eat less and would like to follow to your exercises. good luck

  7. Marylin
    5 years ago

    My concerns for arm training is basically reducing risk of injury! Also, would using barbell be better for arm training that dumbbells? Or are they the same? I have always used dumbbells. I shy away from the machines as I notice on the machine I put more weight on the machine so that I actually feel it than when I work out with DB. A lot of people have been trying to get me into barbells but I don’t even know how to put the plates on and if I would need to take into account the weight of the bar itself.

  8. cc
    5 years ago

    Batwings only look good on bats.

  9. Nachiketa9
    5 years ago

    Since my shoulders are injury prone I am not sure how much weight should I be lifting to tone the flab on my upper arms.

  10. jeni
    5 years ago

    I have tried so hard to tone up my triceps..i don’t have any problems with biceps, but I would love to get that muscled, defined look in my arms. I’m willing to try anything.

  11. Donneisha
    5 years ago

    I have naturally big arms (always have, no matter how small I was) with some pretty good muscle… underneathe the fat. I do train my arms, but my fear is that I’ll never be able to slim them down. I’m working on losing weight (have lost 21lbs so far, with about 20 more to go), but I’d really like to have some arms that match my now slimming body without the jiggle.

  12. Stacy
    5 years ago

    I find that my arms reflect my nutritional habits–for good or bad. I struggle most with sticking with cardio. I LOVE to lift weights, but muscle is no good if it’s covered in fat.

  13. Marsha
    5 years ago

    I’ve been working on my arms for the past few months and haven’t seen any tone or definition. Would like your help and advice and any other type of arm exercises I could be doing so I can see my toned arms, like yours. Thanks.

  14. Sara
    5 years ago

    My only concern would be shoulders as I have a sensitive one and can’t go too far down with dips/presses/pull-ups or it aggravates it. I’ve been fortunate, my arms came along “fast” after beginning training (that and a great trainer). I constantly get comments on my arms/shoulders, etc. from men/women. Legs – not so much – would love tips on legs!

  15. dawn
    5 years ago

    Ive started to use the curl bar ( same as you in the photo) LOVE It My arms have drastically changed in the last 2mths I love it !.. More then hands weights!

  16. Louise Cowburn
    5 years ago

    I never seem to get anywhere with triceps! Meanwhile my biceps are really toned. I do body pump but my triceps just don’t improve! Please can you help?!? xx

  17. Leilani
    5 years ago

    I’m in decent shape. However I’ve always had a hard time with getting that nice “cut” by the delts & tris. I’ve done high reps, gone a little heavier, but no success. My diet is good too.

  18. Sue
    5 years ago

    Biggest frustration with arm training is that I can’t seem to get rid of my ‘bat wings’ – the skin that jiggles on the bottom part of your arm above the elbow!

  19. Fran
    5 years ago

    I also have been struggling with my weight…my biggest frustration is getting the energy to workout. Once I get there then I’m fine but its the getting there part that defeats me. Also my arms are very flabby and I would love to find out ways in & out of the gym that can be done to firm them up. Also on the nutrition end is there a site that can give me actual meal plans and list of good/bad food. Hope you can help? You are very inspiring and I have been following your posts on facebook also.

  20. Michelle
    5 years ago

    Like Fran, I too seem to always to be tired and have no energy to work out! I need help from head to toe! But, I hate my arms! The are flabby and out of shape! Much like the rest of me! Please help!

  21. Juli
    5 years ago

    My arm muscles have some definition; however, my arms are wrapped in fat – can’t seem to get rid of the fat and the cellulite look. UGH!

  22. Tracy
    5 years ago

    My arms are usually the quickest to show tone/definition. That isn’t where my problems lie. I find that starting out slowly & increasing your weights every 2-3 weeks by about 10% helps to build that sleek and toned look everybody desires. For some, they have to work a little harder/longer than others. Healthy eating is CRUCIAL if you want to see results. Thank you and looking forward to your response!

  23. Mimi
    5 years ago

    I train my arms religiously and have seen amazing changes. HERE is my dilemma – Since I’ve lost weight, there’s loose skin that I HATE! Will it go away? Do I need to make the muscle bigger to fill in the empty space? Will it get tight as I continue to tone?


    Thanks! xoxo


  24. Sue Ann
    5 years ago

    I find that my shoulders, biceps and triceps really respond well to training but I want more definition. I could possibly concentrate more on tricps to battle the bat wings.

  25. Angela
    5 years ago

    I have biceps that tone quickly but cant seem to get my triceps to do the same. I am also having an extremely difficult time with my shoulders, they are rounded and i really want the squared look as I am getting married next summer.
    Could you please help

  26. LTinag
    5 years ago

    I have workout hard to lose weight and have the body I want. I do alot of of different push-up and tricep dip and lift weight. I see my arm getting smaller but not as tight and tone like I want it. I eat clean and small potion. How do I get tight and tone arm? What exercise that give me great result in little time? And how often do I do this exercise? I have little tone in should, but my bicep and tricep look like stick ( no definity). Please help.

    Thanks you


  27. LTinag
    5 years ago

    Love your photo shoot and love your arms. Show me how to get mine’s like that.

  28. YY
    5 years ago

    My triceps are really weak and I can never get my arms toned no matter how hard I tried!!

  29. Kimberly
    5 years ago


    I dont have a weight issue, in fact I am small, about 95lbs and 5’1″, I have toned up ok, I am 41 and have a 19 year old and an 8 year old. I have been working on my arms which I have noticed a difference, but they are small. Also I have really toned calves and no matter what I do I cannot seeem to tone the inside of my thighs and right under my rear. I would love to have your abs, been working on mine and they are good but would love to have yours! Any tips or help would be wonderful!!!

  30. Yvette Lester
    5 years ago

    Hello there, Love the Bod!!!

    I am 45 years old and have pretty much been in and out of the gym all my life. I have what I’ve heard been called “skinny fat.” My daily weight is between 123-125, depends on what I consume. I went down to 116 last summer, but lost my boobs and butt, which wasn’t sexy to me at all :) My problem is the desire and motivation to get to the gym and keeping that desire and motivation. My problem areas are of course my abs and my arms. I do 100 sit ups every morning and 50 leg pull ins for my lower abs, and 30 push-ups (I hate push-ups!!! lol) I need help with toning of my abs and my arms(flabbiness under arms). I would love to see some definition and lines…think they are sexy. Can ya help pahleeeeze!!!!

  31. Chris
    5 years ago

    uggg! I had a client tell me some one told her.. “oh you can’t tone those arms”!!! it made me soooo mad! I wanted her to drive me to this persons houseso i could scream at her! I told her “OH YES you can! with work and dedication you can do anything.. thank you for your segment! Can’t wait to see the rest! xo chris

  32. G Mar
    5 years ago

    Used to be a serious athlete and lifted weights when it was almost unheard of for women. Following years of doing nothing, my arms are loose and wrinkly – would love to get the tone back.

  33. Giselle
    5 years ago

    My frustration is I use to swim at school hence me having big shoulders and thick arms – i bulk pretty quickly if i do any gym equipment relating to arms – please advise what is the best

    thanks giselle

  34. Paul
    5 years ago

    Besides from specifically training your arms, any exercise that uses your arms will help in the arm muscles getting stronger and tighter. For example shoulder presses and bench presses will hit the back of the arms withmore intensity because the weights that you use will be heavier. The same principle applies to the biceps if you do pull ups instead of curls.

    However in order to lose fat off the arms, you need to lose fat from the whole body, due to the fact that spot reduction does not exist. A really good way to tighten the arm muscles without adding any bulk through training with weights is to do boxing. This does not mean you have to get into a ring and spar with people. You can shadow box for a certain amount of time on a daily basis, or even better get a punch bag.

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