Getting in Shape for Burlesque Movie: Christina Aguilera’s Workout Routine

Christina Aguilera’s workout routine was just one of many things she did for her role in the Burlesque Movie. Imagine rehearsing 14 hours each day and still finding the time for 2-5 weight training sessions each week. This is not an easy task, but she is motivated: “I’m bringing my A-game and taking it very seriously.”

Here’s what you can learn from Christina Aguilera’s workout routine:

#1: Start your training with a 10 minute treadmill warm up.

This will prepare your body and your mind from the workout. It will take your mind off your daily routines. It’s also a great way to pump some blood before your strength training.

#2: Work your upper body with biceps curls.

Her trainer Tee Sorge tells us: “Christina does three sets of each exercise and uses weights ranging from five to 15 pounds.” He thinks that these exercises are a good way to tone the upper body.

#3: Do lots of sit-ups.

Christina does 300-500 sit-ups per training session. Abs are a symbol of your fitness and beauty. If your abs are in great shape, it’s very likely that your whole body is in great shape as well.

#4: Tricep dips keep your upper body strong.

Christina Aguilera does strength training 2 to 5 times a week. She adds tricep dips into each of her sessions. Making sure you have toned arms ensures that she doesn’t have flabby arms while singing on stage.

#5: Eat healthy each day.

For the Burlesque movie, Christina replaced her diet of white bread, sugar, rice with lean proteins and whole grains. Getting rid of sugar filled white carbs and adding in more lean protein created greater results faster.

Christina Aguilera’s workout and diet provide great advice for anyone willing to improve their own workout and diet. Take your pick and include what you like. If she works out for a movie, you could do the same for a date or a social event.

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