Make a Change – See a Change – Glee’s Lea Michele’s Flat Stomach Diet and Workout

Staring in one of the newest and hottest sitcoms, and gracing the cover of the latest issue of Womens Health Magazine, Lea Michele is one busy woman. The question does this Hollywood starlet keep her amazing figure while balancing red carpet events, filming episodes of Glee, photo-shoots, appearances, and life?

We were given a bit of insight into the changes Lea made, with the help of her health counselor Devon Butler, in order to help live a healthier lifestyle and keep up with the Hollywood lifestyle.

A few of the changes Lea made include:

  • Yoga — Yoga allows Lea to get a good workout while relaxing during the stressful red-carpet season.
  • Cutting back on her caffeine intake to only one cup a day — the health affects of caffeine can do more harm than good for you. Limiting your intake to one cup a day, as Lea did, will help to eliminate some of the negative effects of coffee.
  • Eating healthy snacks instead of sugary treats — trading in the sugary treats for healthy snacks is a part of any flat stomach diet. Eating snacks such as fruit, nuts, vegetables keeps Lea’s calories in check while giving her even more energy to keep going throughout the day.
  • Adding Resistance — using resistance bands or medicine balls for her workouts increases the fat burning effects. Weight resistance is key to any flat stomach workout, as every woman needs to lift weights. Being on the road or being on the set of Glee,  can make it difficult for Lea to get to a gym; using a medicine ball or resistance band are two great ways to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits out of your time.
  • Short and Quick — Spending so much time dancing on the set of Glee, means that Lea not only doesn’t have the time to spend hours on the treadmill, but she doesn’t need too. Interval training or short burst cardio are two great ways to raise your heart rate and burn calories whenever needed. High intensity interval training will also help Lea be in shape for every dance number, no matter how long or short.

Like most of us, Lea Michele is a busy woman. Making a few changes to her daily routine and habits have allowed her to live a healthy lifestyle – one that has given her more energy while not taking over her schedule.

Is your workout routine in a rut? Take a look at your current lifestyle and daily schedule – what are two changes you can make right now to help you reach your flat stomach goals? Make the change that fits you – see the changes come – get the results you want.

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