Flat Stomach Diet – 22 Tips to Create a Flat Stomach Diet

Summer is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but one of my favorite parts was the fact that for years, I thought I had the BEST flat stomach diet. I would walk on the beach in my bikini feeling skinny, my tummy didn’t bulge and I didn’t feel bloated or gross like I did the rest of the year.

However, there was something definitely wrong with my flat stomach diet of four years ago (you can tell by looking at my before picture on my Twitter page).  Every day I would have a bowl of cereal with some fresh fruit (if there was any around) for breakfast. Then I’d wait a few hours and have some ice cream for lunch (it’s my favorite food group), then maybe a candy bar or granola bar a few hours later. Then dinner  well, I never really knew dinner  some days sure I’d have a salad or whatever my mom cooked and that was usually followed by some more ice cream.

Basically I was eating three or four times a day and nothing I ate was really healthy. I would eat salads for lunch or go out to lunch and have a wrap, but would indulge in the french fries that came along with the meal.At that time, I didn’t really think too much about my diet because I felt skinny and thought that I was doing the right thing to be skinny.

But I was wrong.Now I look at pictures and I wasn’t really ˜skinny at all. Not to mention I wasn’t happy and was usually seriously lacking energy because I wasn’t eating the right things.

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As I have learned over the last few years, if you want a flat stomach, having the right flat stomach diet is very important.And NOT eating is not going to get you there. You may ˜feel good but as soon as you start eating regularly or the right foods your body is going to plump up and your flat stomach is going to go away.

I have taken what I have learned to compile this list of 22 tips to help you make sure that you have a flat stomach diet that will help you get a flat stomach.

    1. EAT The biggest mistake most women (and myself) make is to think that to get a flat stomach we aren’t suppose to eat. WRONG! That’s the worst thing you can do. To really get a flat stomach you should eat at least 5-6 small meals throughout the day.
    2. Each meal should have a healthy fat, protein and some carbohydrates (depending on what your flat stomach goals are).
    3. Drink lots of water. Water will flush your system of toxins and help you stay fuller for longer (keeping you away from those unhealthy snacks.
    4. Stay away from soda and sugary fruit drinks. Say no to extra sugar! Sugar only prevents you from getting a flat stomach.
    5. Make sure you have ‘healthy fats’ in your diet. Some examples of ‘healthy fats’ include almonds, natural peanut butter, olive oil, walnuts, and flaxseed.
    6. Make sure your diet has enough protein. Protein helps you rebuild your muscles after your workouts (more muscle = less fat = a flat stomach).
    7. Follow a flat stomach workout.
  1. Stay away from simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates will bring you up and then you’ll crash right down (just like the ice cream did in my diet!).
  2. Include complex carbohydrates in your diet. Yes, these types of carbs are good for you grains, fruits, vegetables and some cereals are filled with complex carbs (and fiber) that will help fill you up for longer and give you more energy for longer  keeping you away from those snacks that won’t give you a flat stomach.
  3. You don’t have to just eat salads everyday to get a flat stomach there are lots of great flat stomach recipes out there.
  4. Eat LOTS of vegetables. Vegetables are only good for you they are low in calories and a good source of dietary fiber (that will help fill us up for longer).

  5. Add some blueberries to your diet. Blueberries are a great flat stomach food  full of antioxidants and cancer fighting capabilities.
  6. Take Omega-3 Fish Oils. Omega-3 fish oils will help your brain, heart and joints. It will also lower your blood sugar after each meal, which will help you get a flat stomach.
  7. Eat breakfast. It IS the most important meal of the day. After sleeping all night – it wakes your metabolism and gets it burning fat off your stomach as you start your day. Not sure what to eat – here are Three Quick Healthy Breakfast Options.
  8. Drink green tea. Green Tea has been proven to help you burn fat. If you don’t like the taste of plain green tea – try some of the flavored varieties.
  9. Post Workout Nutrition is very important for a flat stomach. Make sure you eat after your workout to help your body recover and burn more fat.
  10. Think about ‘what does your flat stomach look like?‘. Know what you are working towards and that will help you get there.

  11. Plan your meals. Sit down on Sunday morning and figure out what you are going to eat for the week. Then hit the grocery store and buy what you need to make your meals for the week. If  you have everything you need to eat healthy then you can’t stray! Plus, if you pre-cook your meals, you can make lunch for the week or when you’re home after a long day – there is food in the fridge – no excuses to not eat healthy!
  12. Go to the food store with a list of what you are going to buy. This will make sure that no extra non-healthytreats show up in your cart.
  13. Write down what you eat. Keeping a journal of what you eat, will make you more responsible and aware of just HOW many cookies you are sneaking in daily.
  14. Positive Thinking. Know that you can do it that you can eat healthy, that you can get a flat stomach if you don’t think you can you never will.
  15. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day! Get back up refocus  and make sure the next meal is a good one.

Okay, there it is  22 tips to help you create a flat stomach diet that will GET you a flat stomach and avoid the mistakes that I made.

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  1. As always a fantastic read.
    My personal favs are points 1 and 6.
    Number 1 because its what women generally overlook and 6 because its one of the fundamental basics and enough protein is essential.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Jeremiah
    6 years ago

    Great post. I tried for years to get lean and get a six pack and I was not able to get six pack abs until I did just what you wrote about here.

    1. Ate foods that are good for me
    2. Ate the right number of times per day
    3. Ate the right amount of calories for my goals
    4. Exercised 5-7 times a week.
    5. Lowered my body fat percentage down to 7-9%

    This is a great post because it gets right down to the facts of getting a flat stomach. It is all about lowering your body fat percentage and removing the fat that sits over your stomach muscles.

    Thanks again,


  3. Barbara
    6 years ago

    I beleive everybody that needs or prefer to lose weight genuinely should realize that these kinds of fad diets are a waste of time. They should realise that to lose weight naturally you should eat little and frequently. Some superb recommendations

  4. David Holloway
    5 years ago

    Nicely designed site with lots of relevant content, will add to my faves, thanks :)

  5. Deena
    5 years ago

    This is definitely one of the better posts I have found on this subject. Have you considered the other side of the subject of natural health? To be candid, I think a good case could be made either way, but let me know if you have any more articles or sources on the Web to verify what you are saying.

  6. Darla
    5 years ago

    Personally I prefer this kind of diet because I have a big stomach and I really find this hard to carry everyday. Don’t laugh its true when your working on the office with big stomach especially when your always on field it finds hard time on it. Thanks to this blog.

  7. Sindy Bass
    4 years ago

    This is just amazing, thank you very much for this wonderful tips i’ll definetely work on them !
    Have a great day xx

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