11 Foods to Avoid for a Flat Stomach

Its 2011 and its time you reach your flat stomach goals. You want to burn fat FAST and make sure you reach your goals this year.

If you want to make sure you are burning stomach fat — make sure you are staying away from these 11 foods. Instead of making your waist smaller — these foods will only expand your waistline even further.

#1 — Candy

For most of us this one can be hard to avoid — but snacking on candy such as M&M’s or other sugary sweets won’t help you get a flat stomach. They taste delicious and can give you a quick pick me up — but you will just as quickly crash and burn while you add more inches to your waist.

#2 — White Flour

White flour is highly processed — which means lacking in nutritional value. This type of flour – also known as enriched wheat flour – has lost any nutritional value during processing and can actually cause more health problems if too readily consumed.
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#3 — Soda

Yes soda is tasty and it quenches your thirst — however its full of sugar and dies that aren’t any good for you. Cutting out soda from your daily liquid intake can save you TONS of calories, making a flat stomach even MORE possible.

#4 — Potato Chips

Oh who doesn’t love chips!? I know I do! But the only reason chips are tasty is because they are covered in unhealthy oils and fats — not to mention WAY too much sugar than any one person needs to eat.

#5 — Cheese

Adding cheese to a sandwich or a salad can make it taste THAT much better. However, adding that flavor to your meal is also adding fat to your diet. Cheese is full of fat that will help you gain weight instead of gain a flat stomach.

#6 — Cookies

This one might be a no brainer — but it might not be — there are cookies out there that say they have low calories — however these cookies are still filled with lots of sugar (to make them taste good) and won’t help you reach your flat stomach goals.

#7 — Fatty Meats

When trying to lose weight quickly its important to stay away from cuts of meat that are high in saturated fats. Avoid various cuts of meat such as beef, bologna, and pork that are high in fat and calories.

#8 — Whole Milk

Drinking milk high in fat when trying to lose weight won’t help you lose any weight as it adds more fat to your diet as you are trying to lose fat.

#9 — Alcohol

Alcohol is full of empty calories. A 12 oz beer has 150 calories — calories that do nothing for you except send you to treadmill for a longer workout.

#10 — Chocolate

Yes, some forms of dark chocolate are good for your health (in moderation of course) however, if you are trying to lose stomach fat quickly chocolate should not be a part of your diet. Eating chocolate only adds additional calories and sugar that your body will turn into fat – requiring you to spend more time in the gym to burn it off.

#11 — Fried Foods

When trying to lose weight its important to stay away from fried foods. Fried foods are full of saturated fats — some are made up of more than 50% fat! Avoiding fried foods – no matter how convenient they may be will help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

If you’re trying to make your weight loss goals a reality this year — make sure you stay way from these 11 foods. Including these foods in your diet will only sabotage your weight loss plan — making it HARDER for you to get a flat stomach.

Now its time to learn what you SHOULD eat — find out which 11 foods to burn stomach fat .

What’s the HARDEST food for YOU to AVOID? What food do you always seem to eat that sabotages your weight loss goals? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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    really informative…. thnx for the tips…..

  15. brittany
    4 years ago

    All of the food is hard to avoid. I think sweets and soda I drink soda everyday. I just like food and Idk how to avoid it. I think I’m addicted to food or something lol.

  16. stephanie
    4 years ago

    I tend to like cool whip? I get the lite kind but love to have on a lot of my food vs. eating a sweet. I also tend to have cereal at night …is this working against me? It’s usually chex cereal with skim milk. Would I be better to have a slice of bread with peanut butter?

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