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No one wants to go through summer sporting white skin that looks like it hasn’t set foot outdoors, but sitting in the sun for hours trying to get this healthy glow is anything but healthy. Luckily there is a solution – SunLove Sunless Tanning Spray – a sunless spray tan – so you can spray tan at home.

Now I have to be honest – when I first heard of a sunless tanning spray that I could do at home I immediately thought of our friends on the Jersey Shore. Spraying their faces before they went out because they had to have that tan – was I going to become an addict of the “T” in GTL?

I was also nervous as to just how easy the whole process was going to be – I can be awkward sometimes and the thought of spraying myself with tanner made me nervous – what if I missed a spot!? Will it be easy enough for me to explain to my sister so they could spray my back? Will it look like some of those other self-tanners that start to turn orange?! Will it smell gross?

However - all of my worries – nerves – and craziness – was put to rest as soon as I opened my Sun Love Sunless Tanning Kit. The directions were simple – easy to follow – this was the easiest self tanning spray that I’ve ever used. The applicator was easy to put together and use – not awkward like some other self tanner sprays.

I LOVE how easy it is to use. I was able to explain to my sister in a few minutes how to use the spray applicator and before I knew it – we BOTH had a golden, bronze tan. It looked like we had spent a day at the beach – without harming our skin AND no tan lines!

The spray applicator made it impossible for me to miss a spot or make one part of my body darker than the other – it created an even mist that made my tan go on flawlessly. Not to mention – it smells delicious! When the tanner started to fade – it did just that – it faded – it didn’t make any funny markings on your body – so no one will know your healthy tanning secret.

SunLove Sunless Tanning Spray is a great option for anyone who wants a great tan without having to go into the sun. The best part – was being able to tan at home – not having to take the time out of my already hectic schedule to make an appointment for a tanning salon. It will be even MORE convenient this winter when I don’t want to be white OR go outside – I will turn to my SunLove Sunless Tanning Spray to give my body a healthy bronze glow without the harmful UV rays of a tanning bed.

SunLove is also a great option as a base coat for any fitness or bikini competitor. It is not dark enough for a stage color – however – applying SunLove as a base coat of tanning will save you having to put on extra layers of other tanning products – when trying to get the perfect stage tan.

Overall – I loved my experience with SunLove Sunless Tanning Spray – its easily the best spray tan on the market – its simple, easy to use, a mobile spray tan – that you can use for any occasion. It is easy to use and gives you a GREAT tan while protecting your skin. If you need a safe, sunless tanning solution – you need to use SunLove – its all about the love!

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